Wayne State Student Environmental Action Leaders (SEAL)

The Wayne State Student Environmental Action Leaders (SEAL) is a student run group dedicated to making the Wayne State University campus more sustainable. Our group consists of different committees such as Sustainability, Energy, Recycling and Transportation. SEAL has been responsible for starting the annual Earth Week activities on campus and celebrating ways to easily incorporate sustainable behaviors into your everyday life. Also, working alongside SEED Wayne, SEAL has helped bring urban gardens to the WSU campus. In an effort to encourage recycling among the student body, the Recycling Committee acquired and distributed blue recycling bins in all of the WSU Dormitories.

Two members of the Transportation Committee, Jeremy Whiting and David Morrison, had an idea to connect the Midtown community with the abundance of alternative transportation options. This is where the idea of the Campus Alternative Transportation (CAT) Map was born. Through the partnership and funding of Wayne State University, the CAT Map has become a reality. Please visit our Facebook page or send an e-mail to wsuseal@gmail.com.

Wayne State University

Wayne State University is an influential, Carnegie Research 1 University located in the heart of Midtown, Detroit. Consisting of over 30,000 students, it is the 3rd largest University in the State of Michigan. It offers a large array of colleges such as the School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Law School, Business Administration, Engineering, Education and many others. There are three Residence Halls and three University apartment buildings all located on campus.

When SEAL approached Wayne State in hopes to form a partnership, Nabelah Ghareeb, Jon Frederick, Victor Green and the Business & Auxiliary Operations Department immediately showed interest. The partnership was soon created and after a year of planning and designing, the CAT Map was completed. As Midtown Detroit continues to grow, in part thanks to Wayne State University, the CAT Map will be a tool to help new students and residents easily get around town without having to use their cars.

If you are interested in learning more about Wayne State University, please go to www.wayne.edu or www.busops.wayne.edu. Also, you can call 313-577-2424 to contact WSU information or 313-577-2313 for the Business & Auxiliary Operations Department.


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